Laura Antoniou (born ) is an American novelist. She is the author of The Marketplace series of BDSM-themed novels, which were originally published. Laura Antoniou – The Marketplace Series, New York, NY. K likes. Author. Speaker. Pundit. Kvetch. Writing excellent smut since Visit. The Marketplace. Identifier TheMarketplaceLauraAntoniou. Identifier-ark ark:/ /t53gq. Ocr ABBYY FineReader (Extended OCR).

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It’s just the wrong time for me or this sucks, but not I’m dying reading this either way.

Extremely well written, managing to actually balance having a plot and character development, without the usual jarring “I’m going to put a sexy scene in here, now” disconnect that one often gets in erotica. In the everyday clubs and dungeons, BDSM afficionados trade rumors about the shadowy cabal of slave owners and their human property: For a few weeks the four slaves are drilled into being perfect servants, and throughout the book steaming sex is mixed with moving portraits of people with but one goal in life: Once upon a time The manuscript, however, was brought into print with the original glitches intact.

Sharon, the character who comes closest to being a stereotype, provokes punishment and gets it, but for her it is not a learning experience, and her fate is much different from that of the submissive Barbie dolls of BDSM porn. The novel, like the trainees, began life in need of polishing.

The Marketplace

Be part of an event in publishing. Robert was all brawn and good looks, but on the inside he was a twenty year old French Maid who despises his penis and is willing to go to any lengths to please his mistress, including mutilating himself. Add to that the tedious, predictable BDSM scenes, excessive gender stereotypes, and lack of any significant plat, and I figured I’d rather be reading Anne Rice. The story took forever to kick off. Chris has a few dark secrets, one of which Brian is very aware of, and because of that he may not succeed.


The biggest markeetplace will be making sure all mrketplace many and varied rewards are manufactured as we want them to be! Under their caregiver and teacher of sorts, Chris Parker, the majordomo, rules with an iron fist marketplacr only obeying Alexandra and Grendel. Estimated delivery Jan The Marketplace Elizabeth Jasicki.

What I care about is that all these rigid roles, all that posing and pseudo-elitist debate completely smothers what BDSM also is supposed to be: This book is very difficult for me to review.

In-person reading for you and any friends you’d care to invite, anywhere in the New York City tri-state area by Laura Antoniou herself. Laura will read selections from T he Inheritor and possibly other selections of her fiction for at least 60 minutes. I was irritated and annoyed by pretty much every character in this book, which made it pretty difficult to enjoy. T-shirt and ebook bundle! The stories of the trainees brought me to tears laughing so many times, what sad, silly caricatures of BDSM they marketpplace each in their own ways.

The abtoniou main focus is the training of slaves. It’ll be a complex process but we think it’ll be laua worth it to give fans lots of fun things to celebrate this new book.

How about an autographed paperback Kickstarter-only edition of The Inheritorbefore anyone in the general public can get it! He thinks his looks and boyish pout should be enough.

This was the start of a journey. I recommend this book, these novels, and all the stories as among my favorite books to read again and again and again each time learning new aspects of characters who have become well-loved, old friends. PDF, epub, or mobi.

Buy advertising and promotional help. Which is unfortunate because the truly interesting story is about the majordomo Chris and his relationship with the trainers Alex and Gren.

Published September 1st by Mystic Rose Books first published The prose is brisk and vivid, subtly shifting tone to match the four central characters.


The Inheritor, Book 6 of the Marketplace series by Laura Antoniou — Kickstarter

The Inheritor, Lura 6 of the Marketplace brings an epic erotic saga back to life in a new age! Possibly an American reader has an orgasm over a well-placed “sir”, I’m afraid I’m squicked instead. Return to Book Page.

The book did some of that, but the cruelty, abuse and brutality were over the top marketplqce the point of ridiculousness. There are more than a few scenes of humor and witty dialogue as you get to know the four slaves and their personalities.

I did wish the ending gave a little more info since I was taken on their journey up to that point, but I enjoyed the story and gained some knowledge about this lifestyle that I had no clue about. But instead of just making a regular e-book line up and a quick print-on-demand, it’s lauea the Marketplace got a nicer edition.

The ebook will not be released to the general public until Februaryand the paperback edition won’t be out until August Aug 07, Paula Smith rated it really liked it. The aspirants’ most cherished desire is to be accepted as worthy by the Marketplace. I also appreciated the recognition of the deep sense in which the slaves’ servitude is consensual. Overall this was a good read.

Interspersed with the third-person narrative are the personal stories of Claudia, Brian, Robert and Sharon, as told to each other after lights-out in their shared dormitory.

I get that this is fiction, but people with no real experience with BDSM who read this will find that it reinforces all of society’s negative stereotypical prejudices about Markefplace equaling abuse.