We’re checking to see if children know how to behave in dangerous situations

How to behave properly on the way to school, at home, when to give first aid and how to safely navigate the internet? These and other issues will be tested in a nationwide safety test. Previous editions of the test show that children are doing better on the roads, but at the same time there are difficulties in answering some questions, for example, related to navigation on the internet. Therefore, it is worth checking children’s knowledge of safety and learning about areas that require further education in order to minimize the potential dangers that the youngest may encounter. The safety test will be active until 31 January 2018, but we encourage you to take it today.



– Education and long-term development of good attitudes from an early age provide an opportunity to improve the safety of children. Therefore, we encourage you to participate in the test and check the level of knowledge of first-graders on topics related to the broad security. This will allow you to explore and realize what in the education of children should be paid special attention.

In December, once again, a nationwide safety test is held to test the knowledge gained by first-graders in the field of safety and first aid. The test is organized within the IX edition of the safe child academy program. In last year’s test, children did very well on the subject of road traffic-as many as 90% of children knew why reflective elements should be used, but the answers to some questions made it more difficult for participants, for example, those related to cyberspace. – Every year, the educational materials that teachers receive under the program are modified to emphasize the content that made it difficult for children in the previous edition of the safety test. For this year’s edition of the Academy of safe Pooh, more than 200,000 children have been submitted – we are curious about what results the students will achieve this year, we keep our fingers crossed and wish them good luck.


The national safety test has an attractive, multimedia formula, and its content has been developed in cooperation with a qualified methodologist. Children answering 15 questions have 3 options to choose from. In addition, it is possible to use the option to read all questions and answers by the tutor. What’s more, after the test is over, the result appears and you can go back to the question that the child answered incorrectly, so that he has the opportunity to verify areas that still need improvement.

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