Safe child in a crowded shopping mall

The pre-Christmas period is an intense period in which many things are dealt with in a hurry and at the last minute. We often go shopping in the company of children. How do we keep them safe? It is worth to pass on to children some simple rules, thanks to which they will know how to react in situations when they lose sight of their parents, for example, in a crowded shopping mall.


It is very important that from an early age the child knows his/her first and last name, the names of his / her parents, the address of residence and the telephone number of the Guardian and knows to whom he / she can transmit such data. Unfortunately, it happens that even children who know their contact information, in stressful situations can forget them. Therefore, it is also worth to save the most important contact information on the label inside the jacket or simply put the child in his pocket a card with the necessary data.


The child must know that he should not move away from his guardian and must remain in his field of vision. It is important to explain to the child that if, however, he gets lost and can not find an adult, he should first of all remain calm, look around if she is not somewhere nearby, but do not move away from the place where he last saw her or go to the previously agreed point.


When walking with your child to a large store full of people, it is worth paying attention to landmarks, characteristic places, easy to locate by the child-for example, such as an information point. It is also necessary to explain to the child that if he clashes with the eyes of caregivers, he should seek help from the right person, a store employee or a service person, for example, a security guard or a cashier. Such a person has the opportunity to transmit through the speakers information about the whereabouts of the child, to which the parent or guardian can easily get. It is also worthwhile to convey to the child the principle of limited trust and to make sure that he does not give his data to a random person. The child should know that in a situation where a stranger approaches him and wants to take him somewhere, he should protest, shout loudly and call for help.

A moment of inattention during Christmas shopping is enough to make the child disappear from the field of view of an adult. Therefore, it is worth following these few simple rules to avoid stressful situations. It is also necessary to educate children about the potential dangers, not only in the gallery, but in various life situations, remembering, however, not to frighten him. Parents can use, for example, advice on the websites of various organizations or special materials developed in the framework of educational programs on child safety

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