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Stock chart trading strategies

stock chart trading strategies

the tone for the broad market and identify corrections. Expected Inflation measures the 10 year treasury rate. Money Supply - (Monetary Base, M0, M1, M2, M3) changes by the Federal Reserve are one of the most important causes of economic trend reversals. Click the gauge to view the TED Spread correlation to the stock market. It is a coincident indicator, at best, and not a stock market investment alert. Industrial Production measures output from the US manufacturing base. Since Housing represents a rather large portion of gross domestic product, it is an important data set in investment strategies. This is an important distinction, and both are needed to judge the economy and stock market potential. After studying current economic data, this is our best estimate for current market direction. Hourly Weekly Earnings measures the strength and weakness of the US economy, as well as inflationary wage pressure.

The CrystalBull Trend Indicator -This is our best indicator for the medium-term stock market trend, and is updated monthly. Morris, Chairman Investment Committee and Chief Technical Analyst, Stadion Money Management, and author of Candlestick Charting Explained and The Complete Guide to Market Breadth Indicators.

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Housing makes up a considerable portion of US GDP. Narrow Range Day NR7, developed by Tony Crabel, the narrow range day strategy looks for range contractions to predict range expansions. Stock Market Indicators Economic Dashboard note: Click on any gauge to open a chart of its historical correlation to the stock market, and its use as a possible leading indicator of current stock market trends. This market timing system does find many unsustainable (reversal) points, but misses some major moves. Click the gauge to see its use in timing the market.

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