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Anirudh sethi trading strategy

anirudh sethi trading strategy

will play a bigger part for the top performers. If you understand the part luck plays in your results, you will realize that emotional reactions to your results are largely inappropriate. Yes, that sentence sounds like something a Vulcan (from Star Trek) would say, but its true. Many times increasing position size when they should be decreasing it is an ego-driven desperation to get back their losses. If the traders you contact are succeeding, try to find out what theyre doing differently from you. It is easier to trade when you know that you are risking 100 for a chance to make 300 and the odds are on your side with a great entry. Dont treat trades like their actual cash, separate the thought of money lost and focus on the next gain. _ Based on my objectives, I have a clear position sizing strategy to meet those objectives. _ For each of my trading strategies, I know the expectancy and the standard deviation of the distribution. You may design your own trading system, you may purchase a strategy or follow someone elses advice but the key is to find a strategy that suits your personality. For trading strategy 1 I have collected an R-multiple distribution of at least 50 trades (i.e., from historical data or live trading ).

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_ I consider myself very disciplined as a trader/investor. Traders have to grow themselves and trade size step by step. His point is that if your risk of ruin is not zero then you will eventually blow out your account. A trader that chooses to be master a specific type of trading method or trading vehicles has a much better chance of success than the traders that just dabble in many different things and never make much progress. Trading a chart pattern, stock, or index that you have traded for years is familiar territory. Theres no denying that, but so does skill and so does edge. _ I do the top tasks of trading on a regular basis.

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