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Live trading strategies

live trading strategies

many times Ive seen this happen. I personally focus on accepting small losses, and not letting them get me frustrated. Information posted online or distributed through email has NOT been reviewed by any government agencies this includes but is not limited to back-tested reports, statements and any other marketing materials. Carefully consider this prior to purchasing our algorithms.

I made 94,119.54 Day Trading in just 3 months 2, learn the Top 2 Day Trading Strategies. Traders like consistency, and when you log on to Warrior Trading you can expect the same service as the day before. This does NOT include fees we charge for licensing the algorithms which varies based on account size. Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. John United States read more I've always been passionate about trading but never really imagined this passion would have turned in a real, full-time job. While back-tested results might have spectacular returns, once slippage, commission and licensing fees are taken into account, actual returns will vary. This often means trading shares of companies that have just released news, reported earnings, or have another fundamental catalyst that is resulting in above average retail interest.