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Alligator trading strategy guides

alligator trading strategy guides

the trailing stop depends on the timeframe and amplitude of the market noise. Alligator Biting Down (Downtrend) current bar engulfing previous bar in downward movement open Short position (Sell). Setup, setting up the strategy is pretty forward. If Alligator lines intersect fairly often (for the 1H chart we consider often as more than once in 4 hours) then Alligator considered in Slipping phase, this phase occurs during quite, horizontal market states. Here are the rules: Any trading instrument is suitable, to avoid influence of market noises we recommend to use time frames higher than 30 min.

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We should open the Long position when current bar rises higher than High of the previous bar. Otherwise speaking we pass the first wave of the trend and waiting while correction of the first wave will show signs of movement continuations. Here are widespread rules for early exit with Alligator Indicator trading: Trailing stop. Now lets get to the rules: Alligator Biting Up (Uptrend) current bar engulfing the previous bar in upwards movement open Long position (Buy). Suitable for trailing big movements. Pros, the trend-following strategy has potentially huge profits. Usually, Biting state considered only for a certain order of lines, from the top to the bottom: green, red, blue Alligator Biting Up (Uptrend blue, red, green Alligator Biting Down (Downtrend).

Here we see examples of Alligator Slipping state. Cons, false signals could occur at the end of the trend near the end of the trend. There are two conditions: Alligator Slipping and Alligator Biting conditions. .

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