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Faber's sector rotation trading strategy

faber's sector rotation trading strategy

I like about Redsharks idea is that as the title states, it is very easy to calculate the signals. Price has an upward bias when above this one-year moving average and a downward bias when below. In other words, buying the sector/industry groups with the largest gains outperformed buy-and-hold over a test period that exceeded 80 years. The next step is to choose the performance interval. This algo is designed to work in minute mode and to be compatible with paper trading and live trading, as implemented rebalance is triggered once per week. My trade ideas sort multi strategy windows 7 recent posts on the Fidelity Sector Fund Rotational Strategy generated many comments.

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Mebane Faber, of Cambria Investment Management, wrote a white paper entitled, Relative Strength Strategies for Investing. A 12-month moving average, however, does represent the one year average, which is an appealing timeframe from a long-term standpoint. Dan's post on these new methods for some more context. Google his name and the paper name for details. I have not at all optimized the variables. Results from.1.2000.2.2012, compound Annual Return:.21, winners:.78.

At the risk of curve-fitting, it seems that a 12-month simple moving average holds a strong trend better than a 10-month SMA. Maximum System Drawdown: -32.10, sharpe:.74, equity Curve: Drawdowns: Historical Profit Table: I expect that most readers will wonder what this will do with ETFs. Chartists binary options robot auto trading can use the last day of the month, the first day of the month or a set date every month. Rebalance: Once per month, sell sectors that fall out of the top tier (three) and buy the sectors that move into the top tier (three). I have tested it over the. This sector rotation strategy is built on the premise that certain sectors will outperform and investing in these sectors will outperform the market overall. The model makes binary (yes/no) decisions on whether to invest, or not, in each of the nine major US stock market sectors based on whether they are trading above or below their 10 month trailing average price. Sell Signal: Exit all positions when the S P 500 moves below its 10-month simple moving average on a monthly closing basis. This makes them the perfect candidate for testing over as historical results are more likely to be able to be generalized into the future. I did add two Fidelity bonds (fbndx and ftbfx) to the portfolio, and they had a deleterious effect on performance.

This makes sense because Wall Street loves its winners and hates its losers. The following strategy was suggested by the commenter named Redshark. However, long-term evidence suggests that the good times will outweigh the bad times.

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