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Backtesting forex tradingview

backtesting forex tradingview

CAD, and etc.). Lets move on You can trade with multiple timeframes like a pro Im sure youll agree with me when I say Most charting platforms have default timeframes you can choose from. You need to re-register your MT4 account every 30 days. But, what if you want an uncommon timeframe like the 7-hour charts?

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Heres how to do it: Select the dual panel at the top Choose your desired chart layout An example: Now, youll see different options you can choose for simple trading strategy forex your chart. But I do like the huge library of icons that you can add to a chart Yeah, it's a minor thing. What's your opinion about Metatrader vs TradingView? I decided to upgrade for two reasons: The nag screens were annoying and distracted me It pricing was cheap enough, compared to the value that I got In my opinion, the paid version is downright cheap. Well, you probably need to hire someone to custom code it for you and thats if the platform allows. But after using it for years I realised there are issues that wont go away and youll either have to suck it up or find something else (Ill explain later). I got a really angry email from a trader that basically said: Profitable traders only use Metatrader.