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Game ideas for children's birthday party

game ideas for children's birthday party

for the kids, too. In todays post: Find fifty super easy birthday party games so you wont have to stress about planning your kids party! Hey, if party planning is what you love, I get it: sewing is what I love, and I do all sorts things that most people think are insane (like making clothing out of duvet covers and whatnot). Let kids take turns uncovering 2 candy bars at a time to try to find a match. Also, stuff balloons with little water proof prizes. Age: 3 You will need: Another favourite game with little kids, Musical Statues is easy to set up, fun to play, and ideal for small party venues. There is also a traditional Chinese version known as "Blind Man" or "Chicken". Younger children may become lonely or distracted, so play with kids over the age of 5. Continue until the timer goes off.

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This game is often the most successful of the "musical" games, although it takes a little more preparation. It is good for a mixed age party and enjoyed by teenagers too. One child from each team carries something from the beginning to a bucket at the end, then runs back and tags the next person in line. For most of the games below you will need to do some preparation and gather together some "equipment". This only works when your group of children knows one another, and is roughly the same age. They'd be great for family birthday parties, too. Play continues around the circle until someone has opened and eaten his entire candy bar, at which point everyone can eat finish their own candy bars. Draw lanes on a piece of cardboard to create a car track. Also don't be afraid to improvise if you have a similar object or you can still play that game with a slight variation. This is probably my all-time favourite game, as it can be tailored for all occasions, works with all ages, breaks the ice when people don't know each other, and causes much merriment even when played with the best of friends. Age: 5 You will need: This game takes a bit of preparation, but is less rowdy than some other "hunting" games and is generally enjoyed - perhaps more so by girls than boys, who might find the tying together a little fiddly!

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